Educators, community members and organizations can gain training in how to:

  1. Outreach to the community and on school campus' that have a genuine concern for at-risk and gang affiliated youth.
  2. Connect with gang members and at-risk youth in order to develop a trust and working relationship with them.
  3. Utilize our ex-gang member panel and other testimonials. This panel understands first hand the dangers of gangs and encourages families and children to avoid gang affiliation.
  4. Assess your gang concern and assist you and your team in addressing why kids join gangs and what we can do about it.
  5. Develop a community collaboration to discover and provide the necessary elements or tools that will assist youth in not joining a gang or to leave active gang membership.
  6. Get parental involvement. This is most vital in helping youth avoid or leave gang membership. I put 100% of the responsibility on the parents of these destructive youth. The program I utilize is "The Parent Project: How to change destructive adolescent behavior".
  7. Develop a mentor program for the most at-risk gang youth. On one campus this year 2005, we had approximately 35 youth complete our mentor program.
  8. Communicate and network with the police and other law enforcement agencies.




  • Reaching Gang Influenced Youth
  • Speaking So Kids Listen
  • Helping Parents Address Chaotic Behavior in Teens
  • Dealing with Bullies
  • Breaking Free of Drug Use and Abuse
  • Educator Training
  • Changing Distructive Adolesent Behavior



Out of Darkness is a Biographical Comic Series aimed at not only entertaining but educating youth. These true stories take an intricate look into inner-city gang life, revealing the hardships, pain and the constant struggle that comes with joining a gang. Another strong theme in the stories is that no matter how bleak things seem, that there is always an alternative; that there is always a way out of darkness.


"These are just memories, but even today to some degree, they still haunt me - like ghosts trying to say something to the living."

Pepe Montenegro

Jei Franxis Garlitos

Paul Widosh

Issue Zero

The first of 4 comic books dealing with the life of an ex-gang member from Los Angeles. The pain, confusion and deception of gang life. This issue is gearing towards parents, youth and community members.

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Gang Outreach Education,
Strategies & Training
P. O. Box 1452
Guasti, CA 91743-1452